Thursday, January 26, 2012

NGO activist Noel Anjo calls on mutineers to step down

Non government organisation activist Noel Anjo has given 24 hours to renegade colonel Yaura Sasa and his mutineers to step down or he would organise for NGOs and the public to march to Murray Barracks.
"I call on the renegade government to stop what they are doing," he told NBC radio.
"The O'Neill government is the legitimate government of Papua New Guinea.
"I'm giving them 24 hours to stop what they are doing, if not, NGOs and civil society will march to Murray Barracks.
"They are criminals.
"Apologise to the 6.7 million people of Papua New Guinea."


  1. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Thanks for the update Malum. You have done some of us living overseas proud by updating your forum.

  2. Thanks Malum. I've heard that 15 of the 30 "mutineer" troops have been arrested. Have you heard anything more?

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  4. Is Noel Anjo crazy sending protestors to confront rogue armed soldiers? I admire him taking the bold move of speaking out against the military action but putting the safety of the public at risk is another. There are other ways of protesting without putting the public directly in harms way.