Friday, January 27, 2012

Was it a military coup?

This is what my brother, former PNGDF colonel, Reg Renagi, says about the whole shit:
"Was today a military coup?
"A military coup is a violent action taking by the military to over throw a government.Today, this did not really happened but the rogue elements of the PNGDF's action were still mutinious in nature.
"Military rules and regulations were directly breached so punishment must be metered out accordingly.
"The defence command must now take tough actions so that a clear and strong message goes to the troops in all defence communities that what happened today, must never ever be repeated in future.
"As a result of today's events in Defence Headquarters, Murray Barracks, here is what must happen now and quickly.
"Even if the mutiny situation has somewhat calmed down now with the renegade soldiers returning to their units at Taurama Barracks or elsewhere, the mutineers have seriously breached military discipline.
"Hence, the perpetrators of this highly illegal act against superiors and their own defence command must still be charged under the Military Code of Discipline, investigated and punished.
"In addition, after being tried; the renegade soldiers should then be handed over to the civil authorities for custody; followed by the appropriate civil legal proceedings before being sent to jail.
T"his very critical incident has now not only tarnished the good image and professional reputation of the PNGDF, but whatever credibility the military had until now with the government and public, has being lost forever.
"The military never crosses the line into the realm of politics, but sadly today it did, where it should not have dared ventured into; no matter what may be the compelling reasons.


  1. Anonymous1:59 PM


    How can PNGDF be so blind to reinstate one of the most corrupt PM and its regime in the history of PNG.

    Yes, it was only a handful of "wantoks" and they failed miserably and are in the same catergory.

    Long live PNG

  2. This rotten PM not only stinks but influences. How how in the world can a PM who has buried PNG in a deep whole be re-instated?