Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coffee Industry Corporation helps in air-freighting coffee


COFFEE Industry Corporation stands ready to assist remote coffee farmers air freight their coffee to major towns through its freight surety scheme (FSS), according to chief executive officer Navi Anis, The National reports.
 He said the government had allocated K5 million to CIC under the FSS programme, which farmers from as far as Marawaka, Simbari, Jimi,  Karimui, and other remote areas were currently using to ship their coffee.
Chairman of the Apo Coffee Co-operative Society Nicholas Ello (left) and the Salvation Army’s Care Programme coordinator Henry Bagme  counting the coffee bags freighted by an Adventist Aviation plane into Goroka from Karamui recently using the CIC’s freight surety programme

“Under the FSS programme, CIC will pay upfront for air freighting coffee, and the farmer will repay the freight cost once the farmer sells his/her coffee,” Anis said.
He said the arrangement would depend on the availability of planes, weather conditions and front loads.
Farmers were urged to visit the CIC head office in Goroka, Kundiawa or Mt Hagen to seek the assistance of the FSS programme, or contact CIC marketing analyt on telephone 531 1200 for more information

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