Friday, March 02, 2012

Business group against deferral of election


BUSINESS Council of PNG president Ernie Gangloff yesterday rubbished calls by Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah for a deferral of the general election by 12 months to “allow the government to fully implement its major policies”, The National reports.
 Namah made the announcement at Independence Oval in Vanimo on Wednesday in front of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, half his cabinet ministers and members of parliament.
Gangloff told The National that the private sector view was that there were no legal grounds for a deferral.
“There are no legal grounds for a deferral,” he said.
“The deferral of the elections is not justified.
“The Electoral Commission has issues and is short of time to resolve them but with additional support from government, donors and the private sector, these issues could be overcome.
“A strategic plan highlighting the issues and required resources must be put in place so that an implementation plan must be agreed to and stakeholders notified.
“The risks of deferral are too great to consider and may be outside of any legal basis.”
“Private sector organisations are able to assist the commission.
“They just need to be asked.”
Gangloff said contrary to what Namah was saying, implementing government policies could take more than 12 months.
“These policies may take more than 12 months to implement,” he said.
“Let the voters decide if the policies are value-added, and if so, the members will be returned for five more years.”
Gangloff said the matter would be further discussed at a council meeting on March 14.

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