GRAND Chief Sir Michael Somare has assured the people of East Sepik that his health condition is good and he plans to return to parliament, The National reports.
Sir Michael Somare..."I will be back"

 He said he would be in the province this week to talk to them.
Sir Michael’s message was relayed from Singapore to the local radio station NBC Wewak last Friday.
Sir Michael is in Singapore for a medical review.
He said doctors had confirmed he was in good health.
“Yes, many people are saying I am very sick.
“Yes, this is true that I am very sick. But thanks to God, he has helped my doctors in Singapore bring my health back to normal,” Sir Michael said.
He said many people were accusing the East Sepik provincial government of misappropriating funds and other related issues.
He said their accusation had no meaning “as they are getting angry for nothing because they are jealous”.
“The current government has tried its best to put me out of parliament as the member for East Sepik because I have been in parliament for more than 40 years now,” Sir Michael said.
“Since serving as member for East Sepik and prime minister of PNG, I have done nothing wrong.
He said the government should let the people of his province know why they were sending police and soldiers there.
“They must explain to the people of East Sepik where we went wrong and what we did wrong.”
Sir Michael said he was more concerned because people in the province “are now living in fear due to the presence of soldiers and police”.