Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kapris’ sex romp


POLICE are questioning a female prison warder over allegations that she has been having sex with Papua New Guinea’s most notorious criminal inside jail, The National reports.
 The officer, who holds a non-commissioned rank, is in police custody in Boroko after she boasted about the affair to her colleagues.
Investigators believed more warders and a lot of money were involved in a jail sex syndicate that had been operating for more than a year.
The married officer was alleged to have visited convicted rapist, bank robber and prison escapee William Nanua Kapris for sex on at least 15 occasions on the pretext of providing welfare assistance to him.
Correctional Services Commissioner Martin Balthasar said yesterday that one of his officers had been arrested for questioning over the sexual encounters in the maximum security unit of Bomana.
Prison officers got word of it when she boasted about the affair to her colleagues. They informed police who arrested her on Sunday afternoon.
It is understood that Kapris’ wife had been aware of the affair and was helping police in their investigation.
The alleged sexual relationship was said to have happened in the welfare rehabilitation office at the main prison compound at Bomana prison.
Balthasar said: “This particular officer would visit Kapris under the pretext of providing welfare assistance.”
Another female officer would keep watch while the two had sex in the toilet, he said.
Balthasar said after each encounter, the officer would return to her location in the female block about 1.5km away from the main compound.
Kapris, awaiting trial with others for their part in the Bank South Pacific robbery in Kerema (May 2008) and Madang (July 2008), was also alleged to have arranged financial rewards for the female officer.
Balthasar said Kapris would arrange for “large sums of money” to be paid to the officer, who is also married.
He said CS investigators were alerted about the affair when the officer boasted to other female warders that she had married a “millionaire inmate”.
“Not even her husband knew about it. He was surprised when we picked her up yesterday (Sunday),” Balthasar said.
He said the movement of the suspect and confessions obtained from Kapris, his wife and others confirmed the affair.
It was alleged that after each meeting, the female officer would withdraw money from her account and divided it with another female officer who used to keep watch while she was with Kapris.
Other officers, who also knew of the affair, would also be questioned by the police.
The second female officer was said to be close to Kapris and his “network”.
Balthasar said the action of the female officer was in breach of the Correctional Services Act (section 113) and security protocol at the institute.
He said the officer could face up to two years in prison if found guilty of the offence under the CS Act.
“The William Kapris saga has already deplored the name of the institution since 2008. I will not tolerate officers who continue to do this,” he said.
Balthasar is preparing a report on the matter for Correctional Services Minister Sai Sailon Beseo to deliver to the National Security Council and the chief secretary


  1. I guess she was looking after his sexual welfare. ;p

  2. Anonymous2:58 PM

    It is obvious we won't trust women! This sich & degrading to our nation

  3. Anonymous1:49 PM

    She cannot uphold the promise she had made by way of swearing to join this very important discipline force. It is better to terminate her and she can become a welfare aide for Kapris, visiting hm at Prison camp and fulfilling his sexual desire

  4. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Too good to be true....by now the citizens of this country will be able to know Kapris' bank accounts for which the K4m that was robbed from the people's Bank (BSP) and his contacts who are involving to transact transfers from his account into this prison officer's account, in payment of her act of "SEX FOR MONEY".

    Those who are involved and are known must face the justice and be dealt with. Honestly, this is just sickening, seeing on front pages of the nation's daily papers, EMTV, etc.

  5. Maybe the female officer is not being paid properly I regards to her salaries so she had to look for other means and ways to earn extra money