Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Warder faces jail sex charge


THE female warder under investigation for having paid sexual encounters with a notorious criminal inside prison has told investigators she had financial problems, The National reports.
 Police have charged prison officer Rose Kambluage Filoua with one count of official corruption.
Filoua, who is married, has admitted having sex with serial bank robber William Nanua Kapris on 15 occasions inside prison.
She told police she visited Kapris under the pretext of providing him welfare assistance.
Another female warder is suspected of being a lookout while Kapris and Filoua had sex in the toilet of the prison’s welfare rehabilitation office.
National Capital District metropolitan commander Supt Peter Guinness said police should be laying another 14 charges against Filoua because the sexual encounters were committed on different dates at Bomana Prison near Port Moresby.
It is understood that some senior officers at the prison had been aware of the affair for some time but did not inform prison authorities about it.
Police believed that more warders and a lot of money were involved in the jail sex syndicate which had been happening for over a year.
Guinness said others involved in the matter would be questioned by police.
Acting Correctional Services Commissioner Martin Balthasar said Filoua admitted having financial problems which forced her to have the affair with Kapris.
She had boasted to her colleagues that she had married a “millionaire inmate”.
Kapris and his gang are awaiting trial robbing Bank of South Pacific branches in Kerema (May 2008) and Madang (July 2008) which netted almost K4 milion.
Only a small portion of the money was recovered.
Kapris had been jailed previously for a number of other serious crimes.
Balthasar said Kapris would pay Filoua “large sums of money” after their sexual meetings in jail. Police said Kapris’ wife knew about the affair.
Balthasar said Filoua also faced charges relating to serious security breaches under section 176 of the Correctional Services Act, an offence that carried a maximum sentence of two years.
He said two other female officers were picked up by prison and police officers yesterday and questioned about the affair.
“She (Filoua) has been suspended but, technically, she is on the payroll as it takes two to three weeks to do the paperwork to stop her pay,” Balthasar said.
Guinness said Filoua was refused bail and kept at Boroko police cells as the case was serious and that others implicated were yet to be questioned.
“At the moment investigators are following the money trail. We are tracing the bank account where she was allegedly getting her money from,” he said.
Guinness said Filoua would have her day in court.
“I know it is embarrassing for her family but what she did was morally and ethically wrong,” he said.
“She did not do it once but on numerous occasions and was lured by money.”


  1. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Money is the root of all evil.

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    perhaps the pm should pay them more so they dont have to sell their bodies to earn some kina?????I am sure she went home tired all the time but for sure did not tell husband about the extra rooting.