Tuesday, April 03, 2012

More buai pekpek (betelnut shit) on the streets of Port Moresby

More filth on the streets of Port Moresby - mainly induced by buai (betelnut) - today.-Pictures@MALUM NALU
I really admired these women I came across this morning selling coconut brooms. There are a million and one ways of making a honest buck, if only people use their innovation, instead of selling buai (betel nut). Buai selling is for lazy, filthy people!

More buai pekpek outside Mobil Service Station, Waigani!

This fella was selling soft drinks right next to a big pile of buai pekpek (shit) outside BSP Waigani this morning! The informal sector has got so much potential if only it could "clean" up its act!

Feel like taking a jump into this heap outside BSP Waigani this morning?

The rubbish drum outside our infamous rubbish pile at BSP, Waigani, was tilted over some time last night or in the early hours and this is how it looked this morning! Welcome to Port Moresby!

bemobile bus stop, Waigani, this morning!

This is the normal fix for our PNG junkies 24/7, a huge liability in lost working hours for both their employer and the country as a whole!

Do you think this should be allowed on the streets of Port Moresby?

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  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I agree the rubbish is an eyesore. In Manus its on beaches, streets..really ugly isnt it? Why dont you start up a clean up the city day link this movement with others around the world using social media..
    start with a church or some sort of social meeting organisation