Sunday, April 08, 2012

Open letter to the Prime Minister on betelnut spitting and littering in Port Moresby and PNG

Dear Prime Minister,

While all the politics is going on, you and your fellow blind MPs do not see a very serious problem in Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea, the filth caused by buai (betel nut) and littering.
People spit buai and litter as they see fit with no respect whatsoever for rules and laws.
Filthy bus stop at 4-Mile yesterday.-Pictures@MALUM NALU
I see buai spitting and littering on the same scale as corruption in politics and bureaucracy, something that is completely out of control, and I call on you to declare a state-of-emergency against these ills which threaten to destroy us.
People now seem to take buai pekpek and other litter for granted, as this picture at 4-Mile bus stop shows
I urge you and your fellow politicians to get out of your ivory towers and see the kind of buai pekpek (betelnut shit) and litter that we wallow through every day.
A filthy Asian shop front at 4-Mile yesterday
Visit Gordon Market, one of the filthiest and most-dangerous markets in the country, right within the heart of the city.
Gordon Market of the filthiest and most-dangerous in PNG
Port Moresby is without doubt one of the filthiest capital cities in the world, likewise, Papua New Guinea is one of the filthiest countries in the world because of buai pekpek and littering.
You see this everywhere!
I urge you and your National Executive Council to consider this in your meeting tomorrow, as the National Capital District Commission has lost the plot for Port Moresby, likewise, other urban councils for the rest of the country
I write this for a cleaner and healthier Papua New Guinea, which I consider to be more important than the dirty politics going on right now.
Drum full of buai pekpek and litter along Waigani Drive yesterday.
Happy Easter.


  1. Anonymous11:22 PM

    I suggest we introduce an insect or a disease that will kill all betelnut palms.....

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Agree with the above comment! Unless our attitudes and mindsets change espacially in the city and urban areas regarding the proper use and disposal of betelnut than it can be entertained in the urban areas.....Its quite ironic that most coastal towns do not have a big problem with its disposal and their markets are generally clean from the betelnut spittle and rubbish.....

  3. Student12:02 AM

    Research and experience has shown that litter is a result of individual behaviour. It takes just one person, one school, one business, one organisation to positvely impact the behaviour of others in their communtiy. To help the community, the individuals of this group must help themselves and act responsiblyy, and to create awarness. A lower level of governance is reqiured to collaborate with the higher levels of governance. The means are wothless without commited human resources and vice versa. Note: Spectation turns a person into a participant when nothing is done to intervene in these matters.