Monday, April 02, 2012

UPNG students told of ‘new-found optimism’

The US$15 billion PNG LNG project and the current resources boom offers “new-found optimism” for the country, graduating University of PNG students have been told.
UPNG students at last Friday’s graduation.-Picture by JAGEN NALU

Business Council of PNG president, Ernie Gangloff, told the 57th UPNG graduation last Friday that the LNG project, new mines and increasing capacity in several mines would change the face of PNG.
 “After a decade of nearstagnation, a new found optimism has emerged with the commencement of
the US$15 billion PNG LNG project,” he said.
 “Even at the height of the global financial crisis, PNG’s economic growth never fell below 4%.
 “The LNG project is the largest single construction project in the region at present and the largest-ever relative to the PNG economy where GDP is expected to double.
 “This project alone will change the face of PNG, but what about the rest?
           A second LNG project is planned with an estimated cost of US$10bn;
           At least five new mines; and
           Increased capacity in several existing mines.

“The numbers are huge and the transformation impact on the country is too big to properly imagine.”
 Gangloff told the students that the single biggest challenge for PNG was how to manage the expected boom in the PNG economy, and challenged them if they were ready to play their part.
 “We need qualified people in all sectors but more importantly, we need qualified people who can think outside the box,” he said.
 “We need people who are capable of mixing it with international best practice but also to look critically at current processes and ask ‘how can I make it better?
 “We need innovative leaders.
 “This will take time to accomplish but the process for you must start now.
 “This institution has taught you not just your professional skills but how to learn, the latter is relevant if one is to become innovative. “
Gangloff told the students that they were recognised by employers if they could add value to the organisation.
 “Employers in PNG recognise that you are the future of this country and as a young country, we have to build our road map,” he said.
 “ There is no template for sustainable development, we are unique, our customs are unique, our solutions have to be developed from a blank sheet, yes we are able to draw on examples from other developing and developed countries but ultimately what works for PNG must be home grown.
 “This can be achieved if we adopt a ‘can do’ attitude and think innovation.
 “You will all have been through multiple interviews and job offers.
 “Employers acknowledge your qualification.
 That gets you on the interview short list as they look for the graduate with the potential to add value to their organisation.
 “They are looking for someone who can build a long-term career.”

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