Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In Port Moresby today: May 16, 2012

Pictures from in and around Port Moresby today, especially around the Hohola and Waigani  area in Port Moresby.
What remains of our street at Hohola 4.-All pictures@MALUM NALU

My good mate Dominic Krau and his missus walking along our street in Hohola this morning. Notice that our road has completely gone, an instantaneous drain when it rains. The paradox is that Moresby North West MP Sir Mekere Morauta has been doing big things for PNG, however, can't do little things like patch up this road. Unfortunately, we'll have to suffer, as Sir Mek has thrown in the towel and won't be contesting this year

My photo of the day. A betelenut seller cleans up all the buai pekpek and other litter made by inconsiderate arseholes outside Mobil Service Station, Waigani, before plying her trade

Holiday Inn

Sun play over Waigani

bemobile bus stop, Waigani

Walkway along Waigani Drive

BSP Wagani

bemobile bus stop

bemobile bus stop

The place is looking much cleaner thee days

Walking down Waigani Drive

Crossing Waigani Drive

A roadside corn garden along busy Waigani Drive

A roadside corn garden along busy Waigai Drive

A clean market

Sunlight over Waigani

Outside The National newspaper office

I love the plants outside The National office

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