Thursday, May 31, 2012

Plastics are choking Port Moresby to death

While politics is the flavour of the month, we are slowly, but surely, being chocked to death on all fronts by an insidious and ubiquitous creature...plastics, as seen in this drain along Wards Road, Hohola, this morning.
 Let them do political campaigning, I'm campaigning to ban plastics starting today and you can help me by emailing me your most-despicable plastic pictures to, which I'll post on my blog, with full photo credits to you.
I don't want my kids to grow up in a plastic (and buai pekpek)-filled environment, and I'm sure that neither do you.
Our politicians won't don't it, our "public servants" at Department of Environment and Conservation won't do it, so let's do it ourselves!

Since noone wants to do it, I'm starting a campaign to ban plastics using my blog, which will feature pictures of the massive damage being done to our environment and health by plastics.
Drain at Hohola

Plastic-filled drain at Hohola

Do plastics rot?

On land as well

After rain, drains are filled with plastics

An ugly sight that must be banned!

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