Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today's buai pekpek (betelnut shit) in Port Moresby

The desecration of this signboard shows how primitive and incapable Papua New Guineans are.
The sign read "Yusim het bilong yu, noken spet (use your head, don't spit), however, just a few days after it was erected, has already been painted red with buai pekpek.
This is why PNG will go nowhere!
Outside Mobil Service Station Waigani

I suppose everyone's too busy politicking to clean up

Many have eyes but do not see

Overturned drum outside BSP Waigani

"Treat our city as your pikinini (child)". Very simple words, and if all of us followed, we would change this city and country overnight at no cost at all. The sad fact is that Papua New Guineans take no pride and ownership at all...Amen!

Take a close look at the side of the pavement!

Kanaka pasin (uncivilised behaviour)!

The last word!

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