Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today's buai pekpek (betelnut shit) in Port Moresby

While every second man and his dog are busy campaigning, or involved with campaigning, I continue quitely campaigning on my own for a cleaner and healthier Port Moresby for us all.
Please help develop Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea by not chewing and spitting buai pekpek all over the place, as well as not littering.
It doesn't cost anything and will go a long way.
The perennial pile of buai pekpek outside Mobil Service Station Waigani

These days, we just take buai pekpek and pipia (litter) for granted

Playing their trade outside BSP Waigani

I dream of a Yellow Brick Road

Plastics should be banned before they choke us to death

Right along the pavement

Klinki Steet along Waigani Drive

More pipia

Looks cleaner here

The ladies outside out The National office are among the cleanest buai sellers in Port Moresby that I've seen

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