Friday, June 08, 2012

Banker: PNG needs good political leadership

Outgoing ANZ PNG chief executive officer Vishnu Mohan says the country has tremendous potential for growth, however, the political leadership must be in place to ensure this.
Mohan, who will be leaving at the end of July to take up a new position with ANZ in Fiji, after PNG, told The National yesterday that he hoped there would be good political leadership after the 2012 elections.

Mohan…PNG can become richest country in the region

“There aren’t many countries in the world that have the same growth prospects that PNG has,” he said.
“I’ve always said that PNG needs first-class leadership and governance as it has every potential to be a star in the region.
“I firmly believe that given the richness of its natural resources, it can become the richest in per capita GDP in the region..
“What it requires is good leadership, good governance and good discipline in managing the rest of the country.
“I hope the elections will go through peacefully and a good leader emerges who will take the country to great heights.”
Mohan, originally from Sri Lanka but now a citizen of Canada, said one of his major achievements in his three-year term was sorting out staff issues.
He said ANZ had about 600 staff, only 20 of whom were expatriates, and many of the most senior management positions had been localised.
His position will be taken over by Mark Baker, an international banker now based in Queensland, Australia.
“Whatever happens, I will still be involved in one way or another with PNG,” Mohan said.

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