Sunday, June 03, 2012

Daru and Western province go to the dogs because of poiticians and public servants


Deputy chief justice Gibbs Salika has blamed Western province politicians and public servants for the decline of Daru and the rest of the province.

Salika, who is from Western province,  said at the launch of several multi-million kina PNG Sustainable Development Program projects on Friday that he hoped the event put politicians and public servants to shame.
The canoe people of Daru, who live on their canoes on the mudflats of this forgotten South Fly town, are a feature of the place. They, and many others in Daru, live in abject poverty because of years and years of neglect by both national and provincial governments.

He was not present for the occasion, but in his absentia, his speech was read by master-of-ceremonies Roger Hau’ofa in front of Western Governor Bob Danaya, South Fly MP Sali Subam, and public servants.
Salika said the launching of the Daru airport upgrade, Daru wharf trestle upgrade, Daru barramundi hatchery, and the Ta’owo Point unloading facility were all worthwhile projects which should have been initiated by the provincial administration and its political leadership as it was their primary responsibility.
“The launching of these development projects is a testimony of that fact and could not have come at a better time,” he said.
“A better time, because this event must put to shame our political and administration leadership.
“Our leadership at the provincial and district level cannot and should not claim any credit whatsoever for these developments.
“Credit must go to PNGSDP and its management and staff.”
Salika said Western province politicians and public servants “went to sleep and are still sleeping”.
“I hope this launching wakes them up,” he said.
“The Western province is a huge province.
“It has a lot of natural resources and I believe it also has a lot of financial resources, it has a lot of money to spend, but I am told that our administration and its leadership do not know how and where to spend it.
“This to me is utterly disgraceful.
“We are failing our people.
“Our education and health services are not up to scratch.
“Our people have no clean drinking water in the village and the list goes on.
“The point I am making is that the large amounts of money the province has should be used to improve our education and health services, and look for ways to improve the living conditions of our people.
“That is the primary responsibility of the provincial government and its administration.
“The province and more so the Daru district needs a new lease of life.
“I hope this is the beginning of new and better prospects for Daru.”

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