Thursday, June 14, 2012

No store goods for Daru until next week

Daru residents, who have not had any store goods for the last two weeks, may have to wait until next week when new supplies arrive, The National reports.
Steamships Shipping general manager Andy Cummings told The National yesterday that the next planned vessel to Daru, Steel Challenger, was scheduled to load in Port Moresby next Monday and expected to arrive in Daru next Wednesday,
He said the last liner service to Daru was on May 15.
“We also use vessel Agutoi Chief on service to Daru, but unfortunately, this vessel has been under repair for last two weeks,” Cummings said.
“Yesterday (Tuesday), we received a letter from the office of Western Province administrator, explaining that due to severe flooding in South Fly area, food supply to Daru had been disrupted and local supply was running very low due to the increased demand the flooding has caused.
“We were asked whether we could direct vessels for food shipment to Daru as soon as possible.
“As of this morning, we have completed repairs on Agutoi Chief and will endeavor to have her loaded and depart for Daru today.
Steel Challenger will also load for Daru on about June 18 as planned.
“As a contingency, we are also checking with charters which vessels could be released from contracted services to assist with supply to Daru.”
Daru, meantime, will have a brand-new K10 million wharf trestle in August this year, following the launching of the project on June 1 by PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP), effectively giving the green lights to contractor Curtain Brothers to start work.

The existing Daru wharf trestle. Once rehabilitated, ships should have no problem loading and unloading at Daru.-Nationalpic by MALUM NALU
The existing Daru wharf was condemned two years ago as the trestle had deteriorated to an extent that it was unsafe to use.
This affected movement of cargoes in and out of Daru significantly, with the flow-on effect on businesses, costs and reliability of coastal shipping.

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