Sunday, June 17, 2012

PNG rum on market soon

PAPUA New Guinea’s first locally made alcoholic drink – Ramu Rum – will be on sale in shop shelves later this year.
This follows the approval of production by PNG Customs to Ramu Agro Industries Ltd, although Ramu Rum has been produced for many years and is given as a gift to local and international VIPs.

Premium Ramu Rum to hit the shelves soon
RAIL general manager Jamie Graham said in Gusap on Saturday that the company already produced very high quality alcohol, which was exported to Australia and Singapore, as well as to local liquor manufacturers such as Fairdeal and Trade Winds.
“We produce alcohol of very high quality,” he said,
“We’re hoping to have that (Ramu Rum) for sale this year.
“Once we get the certificate (from PNG Customs), we can start producing.
“It will be the first spirit produced entirely in the valley from cane grown in the valley, processed in the factory producing molasses, and then used to produce rum.
“Fairdeal and Trade Winds purchase ethanol from us to produce some of their bottles of spirit.
“People are already consuming their products but this (Ramu Rum) will be the proper rum.”
Distillery manager Jisanu Fukatine explained that after after sugar was crystallised the remains, known as molasses, were distilled into 95% alcohol and exported and sold locally.
He said about three million litres of alcohol were produced a year, all of which were sold.
“We’ve been given approval in principal to manufacture and sell rum,” Fukatine said,
“The licence was approved in principle on June 6 by PNG Customs.
“Fairdeal Liquor and Trade Winds buy ethanol from us.
“Papindo uses it to extract vanilla essence.
“We also export to Australia and Singapore.”

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  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Congraduations to the hard working staff, the Manager responsible (Mr. L. Fukatine) & the RAIL Team for their achievement. keep up the good work!

    Judah Suka
    Port Moresby