Thursday, June 07, 2012

Today's buai pekpek (betelnut shit) in Port Moresby

Welcome to Port Moresby - Buai Pekpek Capital of PNG and the world! 

This big pile of red shit greets you as you step out of the terminal. Is there an animal called National Airports Corporation that's supposed to keep the place clean with all its grandiose plans for "airport city"?  
Meet my hero. I don't know his name, or where he comes from, but I so admired this elderly chap at Jackson Airport this morning cleaning up the buai pekpek and other litter left by incosiderate Papua New Guineans, who really deserve to be thrown into the shit. He's not highly paid, doesn't own a car, probably lives in a settlement, doesn't have a degree or Phd like some educated arseholes, but what he did - to me - puts you all to shame!

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