Sunday, July 15, 2012

CPL celebrates 25th year with staff bonus

CPL Press Release

CPL Group celebrated the company’s silver jubilee as it completed 25 years of operations since the enterprise’s founding in 1987. 
City Pharmacy and Hardware Haus staff from Hagen leading the cake-cutting ceremony

 CPL Group chairman, Mahesh Patel, to add more flavor to the celebration, rewarded all the employees with bonus across the organisation irrespective of number of days spent in the organisation.
 This moment was cherished and deeply appreciated by all the employees, whom Mahesh proudly refers to as his “CPL family.”
 “I can think of no better way to acknowledge the contribution made by our employees, without whom we wouldn’t have achieved this milestone,”   Patel says.

Staff from City Pharmacy, Stop N Shop, Homemaker and Boncafe partaking the anniversary cake
 “Employees' welfare is not just core to our business – it is core to our values.”
 This landmark achievement of 25 years operation was celebrated with all CPL employees  by cutting anniversary cake to all CPL stores nationwide as well as head office. 
Free lunch was also provided to all employees nationwide.  
The anniversary cake-cutting was done by long serving Papua New Guinean employees who have been loyal and served towards the growth of the company over the years.
Patel specially thanked his customers who had the trust in CPL management and operations and have been loyal to all businesses that CPL operates.
The company’s commitment to innovation, customer loyalty, bringing international standards has been and will always be their key focus.
The company's commitment to innovation, customers and giving back has been key to CPL Group's success over the years—and it will drive the company's ongoing mission to shape the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for customers, employees and shareholders.
CPL Group is PNG’s biggest retailing work. 
To its credit, CPL Group has now established six strong retail brands namely City Pharmacy, Stop N Shop, Hardware Haus, Boncafe, Homemaker and Paradise Cinema.  
As of year 2011, the CPL Group has a combined retail operations of 56 stores nationwide and employs over 2,000 staff of which 95% are Papua New Guineans.
 Its retail network spans health and beauty chains, grocery, hardware stores, coffee shops and cinema.

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