Sunday, September 16, 2012

Today's buai pekpek in Port Moresby


How can we talk about development when we can't even do the most-basic thing right by keeping clean?
Port Moresby is undoubtedly the filthiest captal city in the world and Papua New Guinea is likewise the dirtiest country in the world!
Happy Independence !
My children playing at the "children's playground" at Hohola this afternoon, which has become a public rubbish dump and toilet. My Independence Day wish is for a cleaner and more civilised Papua New Guinea!
My five-year-old son Keith playing in what Port Moresby calls a "children's park" at Hohola on Independence Day! More of a rubbish dump!
My daughter Moasing playing in the filthy excuse of a "children's park" at Hohola on Independence Day. Since there seems to be no council in the dirtiest city in the world, I'm thinking of going and cleaning up the place myself, even pay for a lawn mower to mow the grass!
I took my kids for an afternoon stroll at Hohola this afternoon and was greatly saddened to see the state of the children's playground, which has become a public rubbish dump. People were more civilised 37 years ago, that's for sure.       


  1. It's sad to see. Why can't NCDC come up with an employment package for waste management officers who are funded to make sure this is done or policed.
    Of course they have to go through health & safety training to enforce this.

    They should look at how other countries are managing their waste and taylor it to suit our country.

    It is truly sad to see this.

    1. Jobby,
      I agree with you, yes it is truely sad to see this.

      Waste management is an issue that needs to be dealt with, especially if the government has a vision of having a happy, wealthy and wise society.

      It sure boils down to individual value systems, which develop into attitudes then eventually as behaviours and habbits.