Friday, November 23, 2012

Eaglewood announces start of PPL 259 Drimgas seismic programme

Photo - see caption
Photo - see caption
Eaglewood Energy has announced the start of a new 2D seismic survey over Petroleum Prospecting License PPL 259 in Papua New Guinea, in support of selecting a drilling location in 2013.
The Corporation will initially carry out a 63 line km shoot over the western portion of the licence area, primarily focussed on high-grading the Nama and Malisa Leads delineated by seismic acquired in April 2012, as well as an exploration line over the Ekelesia Lead. A second phase of seismic data acquisition will be considered following the analysis of results from this first phase.
The first phase of the survey will take approx. three months, with interpreted results available by February 2013. The Corporation anticipates that results from the contingent second phase would be available by April 2013. The PPL 259 joint venture is scheduled to begin work commitment drilling operations in the licence next year.

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