Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In Port Moresby today

Pictures by MALUM NALU

Here are pictures of my wanderings through Port Moresby today, a prodigal son back home, after three weeks away in Taipei, Taiwan.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy:
I noticed today that the Union Jacks - which went up with much fanfare for Charles and Camilla - are already becoming tattered at the edges! Save us the embarassment, Justin, and do some pole climbing! Oh, and as a last word, God Save the Queen!

Cruizin down the freeway!

Cruizin down the freeway!

View from The Lodge towards Downtown Port Moresby

The big boys of Port Moresby...Crowne Plaza, Grand Papua, and Deloittes Towers as seen from The Lodge

Ela Beach as seen from The Lodge

The observatory at Ela Beach as seen from The Lodge

The big boys...again

Just in time for Christmas...I loved this bloom in Downtown Port Moresby

Crowne Plaza

But we could do with a lot of improvement in the rubbish department

Another new building looking from town towards Ela Beach

At the crossroads

ANZ Harbour City

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