Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Air Niugini Dash 8 in Christmas Day drama


An Air Niugini Dash 8 aircraft, P2-PXI,  experienced an engine defect whilst returning from Bulolo, Morobe province this morning.
 Air Niugini said prior to descending into Port Moresby, P2-PXI’s number one engine experienced an overheating condition.
 “The pilot in command then applied Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and landed the aircraft safely in Port Moresby,” Air Niugini said in a Christmas Day statement.
“ Both passengers and the crew are safe.
 “As a further action in line with any airline safety management, all Air Niugini Dash 8 aircraft are now being inspected prior to their next commercial service.
 “As a result of this additional safety measure, there may be some delays and disruptions to scheduled flights today and tomorrow.
 “P2-PXI’s engine will be sent to an engine shop for complete investigation and the outcome will be made known in 90 days time.”
 Air Niugini management acknowledged Captain Andrew Runting, First Officer Karol Kutan and the cabin crew on board PX 713 for their professionalism in managing the incident in line with the standard operating procedures.
 “Air Niugini apologises for the inconvenience caused but reassures our valued customers that safety is always of paramount importance in Air Niugini’s operations.”
 Morobe Mining Joint Ventures spokesman, David Wissink, said: “Hidden Valley Joint Venture is quite appreciative of the skills of the Air Niugini pilots who were able to land the aircraft safety in Port Moresby.”
 The aircraft operated flight PX 712 to Bulolo yesterday and stayed overnight.
 Air Niugini reported no defect on arrival and the departure of PX 713 out of Bulolo this morning.
 The airline has an aircraft engineer positioned in Bulolo to handle post and pre-flight requirements.
 The aircraft was reportedly filled with thick smoke as soon as it touched down on the runway at about 7.30am.
Thick smoke was coming out from the engine, but fortunately the pilot and crew members quickly applied their skills to, while the passengers were rushed out into the terminal unharmed.

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