Thursday, December 20, 2012

No control of Lae road works, says chamber

The Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has expressed concern at the” near dictatorial control” of the Lae Roads development by contractors.
It also wants to see the Lae Urban Local Level Government (LULLG) honor its agreement to maintain roads in the city.
Roadworks along Markham Road, Lae, next to the rugby league ground. The problem with the multi-million Lae roadworks is that many of the contractors have done a half-baked job, resulting in a major investigation.-Pictures by MALUM NALU

Chamber president, Alan McLay, said yesterday the control of roads by contractors was leading to a whole range of detrimental issues, including:
•Unannounced and unnecessary lengthy closure of roads for reconstruction which has lead to congestion;
•Unnecessary cutting of trees for ease of construction which affects not only the beauty of the city but also relief from the hot sun;
•Pedestrian crossings in wrong and dangerous locations;
•Road marking in wrong and inappropriate paint which is difficult to see and quickly wears off; and
•Lack of erection of appropriate and easy-to-see street signs.
“The LCCI would like the LULLG to make an effort to honor its agreement to maintain the roads in the city, especially the industrial roads that were graciously rehabilitated by AusAID over a decade ago and the residential road,” McLay said.
“It would be wonderful to have the old ‘pothole gangs’ back on the roads, attacking the potholes before they develop into major impediments to the traffic,” he said.
“We note that the first recommendation of the report on the Lae City Roads Rehabilitation Project (LCRRP) was for the establishment of a provincial management unit (PMU).
“We would like to see the PMU established, which would consist of local stakeholders, to manage the Lae roads project, to give the roadworks that vital Local and professional input, that is sadly missing from the project at the moment. “
McLay said the chamber was pleased to see work recommencing on Lae roads after the projected was halted for investigation last year.
“We are pleased to see the work re-commencing on the Lae Roads under the Lae Roads Rehabilitation Project that was halted after the investigation last year,” he said.
“We are happy to see a further K100 million allocated in the 2013 budget, which should see the completion of the major trunk roads in the city.
" The benefits of a good roads system to business is enormous : punctuality of staff and less dust related diseases  equals  less absenteeism; speedier vehicle movement  equals less delivery time; less vehicle maintenance and replacements; less crime due to slowed down vehicles, etc.”

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