Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Wobiro: Western to be next ‘boom’ province

By MALUM NALU in Tabubil

Western province Governor Ati Wobiro says his province – disparaged as the “poorest” in PNG despite the richness of its natural resources – will makes its way up to be the “boom” province of Papua New Guinea.
He made the bold assertion during the launching of the K19 million Fly River vessel, mv Fly Warrior, at Obo in the Middle Fly on Sunday.
Wobiro (right) and Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) chief executive officer Ian Middleton celebrate the arrival of Fly Warrior at Obo on Sunday.-Picture by MALUM NALU

Wobiro said the richness of Western was shown at last month’s mining and petroleum conference in Sydney, where he said focus was on Western’s mineral, gas, and oil resources.
“The three-day conference was focused on Western province,” he said.
“Great things are happening for Western province.
“This is a year of take-off for Western province.
“The development partners are our friends.
“They are here to help us.
“There will be a lot more celebrations to come.
“Western province will be the ‘boom’ of the whole country.
“We’re going to do a lot more.”
Wobiro speakng at Obo on Sunday.
Wobiro admitted that in the past, so much money- especially payoffs from the rich Ok Tedi mine – had been misused by provincial government and administration.
“In the past, a lot of government money was misused,” he said.
“There will be change.
“I will make sure that every toea is accounted for.”

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