Source: The National, Monday, February 25, 2013 
NATIONAL Petroleum Company of PNG (NPCP) acting managing director Wopu Sonk is looking forward to the challenge of managing the country’s 16.8% stake in the PNG LNG project.
The company, formerly known as Kroton when it was first established in 2008, was dismantled in November 2011 after Peter O’Neill came in as prime minister in August of that year and was revived by national executive council (NEC) on Jan 30 this year.
After its dismantling, NPCP came under the Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC) until last month’s cabinet decision.
Acting managing director Wapu Sonk, told The National that the government saw the value of NPCP because of its strong balance sheet, riding on the back of the PNG LNG project.
“The thinking of the government now is to ride on the back of this asset (NPCP), and participate in all other projects that are coming on stream, maximise our participation in the hydrocarbon projects coming on stream” he said.
“We will have a full operating capacity so that we participate in train 3 of the PNG LNG project, Stanley and all other projects such as Gulf LNG.”
Sonk said NPCP had a small but very-professional team of technical staff which handled all stakeholder commitments in the PNG LNG project.