Saturday, March 09, 2013

Asylum seekers to face PNG court next week

8 Mar 2013, 1:25 pm   -   Source: AAP

Eighteen asylum seekers are expected to face a Papua New Guinea court on Monday on charges of assault at Manus Island detention centre.
A group of 18 asylum seekers is expected to face a Papua New Guinea court on Monday on charges of assault and fighting at the Manus Island detention centre, police say.
Manus Island provincial police commander Alex Ndrasal said 17 of the detainees have been charged with fighting during two incidents at the centre on Christmas Eve and January 31.
Another detainee was charged with assault.
The group is expected to face court in Lorengau, the capital of Manus province, on Monday.
"Only 18 asylum seekers have been charged, and not 19 as previously thought," Inspector Ndrasal told AAP on Friday.
"The charges relate to fighting and assault only."
Earlier, Insp Ndrasal said 19 asylum seekers had been arrested and charged over a series of incidents that included an escape attempt and a suicide attempt.
Last month reports emerged that a detainee had threatened suicide after dousing himself in a liquid substance.
The incident is understood to have taken place at the temporary asylum centre's internet facility.
Manus MP Ronnie Knight said lights were smashed and a coconut was hurled during the fighting.
There are more than 270 detainees living in the temporary tent facility on Lombrum Naval base in Manus province.

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