Saturday, March 30, 2013

New private ambulance service for Port Moresby

An exciting new venture was launched in Port Moresby this week - Emergency Medical Services PNG Ltd.
The new service features fully equipped ambulances staffed by fully-trained Australian paramedics.
The service is the brainchild of Dr Fa Pulotu and his wife Lydia to give patients a better chance of survival if they suffer an emergency condition in Port Moresby.
Lydia and  Fa Pulotu and  Australian paramedic Mark McCarthy in front of one of their fully-equipped ambulances with Boroko Rotary president, Lionel Melville

Dr Pulotu currently runs successful clinics at Ela Medical Centre in town and Jacobi Medical Centre at Boroko, where two of the ambulances will be based.
The ambulances are fully equipped to Australian standards, with equipment such as oxygenators, stretchers, defibrillators and medication to deal with cardiac or any medical trauma.
 “The idea came to us as we are often faced with the question, would you survive a heart attack in Port Moresby “McCarthy said.
"With this service, these ambulances, all the vital equipment and fully-trained overseas paramedics, we are confident your chances will increase significantly.”
The ambulances will be stationed around the city to give quicker access to any emergency they are called to.
The first two Mercedes ambulances are already here, and two more arrive in the next week, and another 4WD All Terrain Landcruiser ambulance is currently on order.
The service will be a subscribers’ service, but is affordable for everyone at a rate of K1 per day (K365 per annum), and 50t for children under 12 (K182.50 per annum).
Corporate companies are encouraged to look at providing the service to their staff and families.
The service will go live later this week at which time it can be accessed by a toll free, 24 /7 phone number, featured prominently on the vehicles - 1567.

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