Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Kristian Laslett and fried chicken franchises selling left-wings


Dr Kristian Lasslett (pictured)  is a lecturer in criminology at the
University of Ulster.

He has spent almost a decade researching the war in

His work has featured in leading international journals and
a book on Bougainville is forthcoming via Pluto Press.

So one supposes that he is a member of the familiar band of
disparate, self-interested, reputation-building academics who are often
characterised as "Pacific Specialists" within the often ill-informed
army of similar "expert" commentators.

People who make reputations and often much money from
visiting, designing "aid" projects and programs for, and writing about,
third-world nations.

These lands are always portrayed as being damaged by the
colonial and post-colonial experience vis-a-vis the baddies who constitute the
exploitative element of the (sorry about our wealth, generosity and relevant
experience) awful, shameful, unrepentant first-world.

This group, metaphorically-speaking, is a self-promoting
fried chicken franchise selling left-wings and arse-holes instead of wholesome,
nourishing food.

They have a very hard time showing any evidence that their
efforts have produced results of any sort, let alone positive ones.

Are you married into Bougainville, Mr Lasslett? Or have you plans to live there? What inspires such as you, an academic from the other side of the world, to dig deeply into the history of the Bougainville conflict? A history with which all in PNG, and all its friends, are only too well acquainted.
Do please tell us why you do what you do. You're too smart to be a simple humanist bleeding-heart. What’s in all this research for you - or for anyone in PNG?
But, in fact don't bother; just turn your attentions to the tribal travesties committed on both sides in Ireland, your apparent alma mater. Or perhaps your homeland?
A sad little country steeped in religious bigotry and alcohol as sops to the effects of really brutal colonialism, mass land theft, and ecclesiastical hatred begun several centuries ago.
This makes much more sense for the likes of you. Think of the audience, and the sales. PNG-based books don't command any notice at all in the market.
Ecclesiastically-inspired tribal killings, rapes and torture. All you need, mate, back in old Ireland. Perhaps profitably to persist at length with your penchant for morbid pedantry.
Lastly, you may be sure I am not be alone in taking great exception to the calumny you heap upon the head of Rabbie Namaliu.

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  1. Malum, why the offensive tone towards Kristian in this post? Recently Kristian wrote a really great article in New Matilda on PNG (Melanesian) societal customs and lore. His obvious knowledge of society's culture, eloquenty written in easy to understand language was a welcome relief compact to the generic stuff regurgitated in the mainstream media. I hope you are well mate and I hope to catch up soon. Cheers, Sean