Saturday, June 29, 2013

Knighthoods and crowns in Heaven

Citizen Journalist
The story of Swiss nuns, Sister Lucas, Sister Damencina and Sister Meier leaving Det, Southern Highlands and Papua New Guinea after serving the remote communities of Papua New Guinea for many years,  touched my inner most being especially on the same week of Government House conducting the  Investiture Ceremony.
Together they have served,  nurtured, trained and led hundreds of young men and women in their more than 40-plus years of respective services.
 As seen from a photo that appeared on The National, June 20, 2013, they were all smiles, happy and healthy as if they were returning home from a short siteseeing tour.
These all smiling nuns were returning home after continuous service of more than 40 years each under their belts.
 Forty years ago, they left behind their sealed roads, furnished homes with lights, water and almost everything you may imagine in developed Western world to come serve in a place so remote, mountainous and infested with diseases.
They persevered in the 40 years, and yes, they conquered their dreams, 'TO SERVE THE NEEDY', yes they did serve my people.
Coincidently, a late Catholic Brother, Andrew Simpson, died in Madang on the same week.
He too had served PNG in many ways as was witnessed at his funeral procession.
 What fascinates me is the difference between these selfless missionaries and their priceless services harnessing, training and imparting lifelong skills to thousands of Papua New Guineans.
 On the other hand 'fly by night' foreign businessmen with questionable characteristics, public servants and breast beating politicians top the Queens  Medal awards list year-in year-out.
 We all as always seem to think it’s the Government’s prerogative but who really deserves on merit these awards?
Would it be those of us who work for money or those chest beaters or these missionaries of all denominations?
I salute you my beloved Swiss Sisters and late Brother Andrew Simpson for all your good deeds that go unrecognised by many selfish people here on earth.
 Truly your Knighthoods, Medallions and Crowns await you in HEAVEN.

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