Saturday, December 28, 2013

A magical helicopter ride between Mendi and Mt Hagen

All pictures @MALUM NALU

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of an amazing chopper ride from Mendi in Southern Highlands to Mt Hagen in Western Highlands, taking in some of the most-spectacular scenery in the world.
The words of veteran PNG helicoper pilot, Capt David Inau, still stick in my mind: "This is the most beautiful country in the world and we must never allow it to be lost."
I couldn't agree more!
Leaving Mendi.

Morning glory.

Mt Ialibu.

Mt Giluwe, the second highest peak in PNG at 14, 327ft (4, 367m)

Surreal colors

Amazing scenery.

A hole in the clours over Mt Hagen.

Thank you for the amazing flight, Captain.

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  1. Nice Photos bro. Good coverage of Kandep as well. May the new year bring joy and happiness and good health. God bless.