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St Andrew's Lutheran Church, Ampo, turns 80

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St Andrew’s Lutheran Church at Ampo, the oldest surviving building in Lae which in October celebrated its 80th anniversary, had a momentous occasion on Sunday, Nov 17 when 81 young people were confirmed.
The young men and women – mainly from the Ahi villages of Butibam, Hengali and Wagang – were confirmed in front of a full house crowd of relatives and friends, who later exchanged customary gifts of food.

The church as it is today.

The young people line up to be congratulated outside the church on Sunday, Nov 17.

My two nieces who were confirmed and me.

Traditional food exchange after the confirmation.
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The church, built in its present form in 1933, it is the only pre – war building in Lae and the timberwork still bears many bullet scars.
During the war, it served as a Japanese hospital when its custodians from Butibam village fled into the foothills on the far side of the Busu River.
A bush material chapel was built at Ampo in 1912 by pioneer German missionary, Gottfried Schmutterer, and the first baptism took place on October 20, 1912.
Timber from Bukawa was put on the ship Bavaria and brought to Lae on Feb 11, 1933.
They started building the church on March 4, 1933, with dedication being on Oct 8, 1933.

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