Thursday, January 02, 2014

Enga contractor says record speaks for itself


The contractor that built the K6 million rural hospital in remote Kandep, Enga, says its track record speaks for itself.
Paul Kurai, managing director of Neno Construction and president of Kandep MP and Treasurer Don Polye’s Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) Party, told reporters at the recent opening of the hospital that the company had been involved in several major projects throughout Kandep, Enga, the Highlands and the country since 1998.
The new Kandep Rural Hospital built built by Neno Construction.-Pictures by MALUM NALU

Kurai (right) showing visitors around the new Kandep Rural Hospital that his company built.
This has led to accusations from political opponents that Polye is favoring Kurai, an Engan from Wabag, when it comes to awarding of contracts.
Kurai said his other company, Kay Star, had been involved in several major road projects throughout the Highlands since 2006 and was starting on a new contract from 9-Mile outside Port Moresby to Brown River.
“Neno was established in 1998,” he said.
“I’ve done over 1,500 projects around the Highland.
“I’m in charge of building all the Treasury buildings in the Highlands.
“I’ve done a lot of projects in Kandep.
“All the classrooms I’ve built, all the teachers’ houses I’ve built.
“I built the hospital at Sopas (outside Wabag) which was burned down during a tribal fight.”
Kurai said Kay Star was involved in several road projects linking Kandep including the Kandep-Mendi Road.
“Kay Star was established in 2006,” he said.
“I’ve been awarded the contract for 9-Mile to Brown River.
“Moving to Port Moresby is a big thing for Kay Star.
“Currently, I’m building the Wabag to Wapenamenda Highway.
“Sealing and upgrading, everything I’m doing.”

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