Thursday, January 02, 2014

Time for Lae to rise from the ashes

All pictures @MALUM NALU

Lae, once the beautiful 'Garden City' of Papua New Guinea, has lost all that glory that it was once famous for.
It has now become the infamous 'Pothole City' of Papua New Guinea, notorious for its crime.
The year 2014 is the time to make a difference.
Otheriwise, Lae will never change.
Aerial view of Lae.

As this sign at Balob Teachers College shows, alcohol and drugs are major problems in Lae.

Former Lae MP Bart Philemon is still very concerned about land matters in Lae.

Lae is famaous for its taro, bananas and vegetables.

Road leading to Yanga and Wagang vilages.

Former Lae MP Bart Philemon and his nephew Ahi Nako.

Former Lae MP Bart Philemon and me at a family gathering at Wagang village.

Top Town, Lae.

Lae Police Station...police resources are stretched to the limit trying to curb crime.

6th Street, Lae.

Busy Lae Port.

Aigris Market, Lae Port.

DC3 at the Botanical Gardens.

China Town.

Bumbu River.

Voco Point.

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