Sunday, February 02, 2014

Manus stakeholders have their say on Lorengau market roof renovation

Australian High Commission

Australia and the Manus Provincial Government are inviting key stakeholders in Manus to have their say about the renovation of the Lorengau main market roof.
A market Vendor putting a plastic canvas as cover.

Centre view of the Lorengau Market with timber shingles rotten.

Left Wing of the Lorengau Market with cracked roofing.

The Australian Government and Manus Provincial and Technical Services Division invited key stakeholders to a consultation session at Sapau Haus, at 9am on Friday 31 January.
Australia’s High Commissioner to PNG, Ms Deborah Stokes, who inspected the market on Thursday, said the market will be renovated for the Manus people and be a market Manusians can be proud of. 
The renovation is fully funded by the Australian Government and will be constructed by the Provincial Technical Services Division in close consultation with key stakeholders in Manus. 
“Our initial discussions with Manus leaders last December agreed on this consultation process to ensure the voices of stakeholders are heard in the planning of this vital infrastructure,” Ms Stokes said.
“Australia and the Manus Provincial Administration will continue to discuss specific issues with stakeholders to ensure the design meets their requirements and they agree to the scope and timing of the renovations.”
After stakeholder approval of the concept design, an architect will prepare a detailed design of the roof, which is expected to be built of metal.  Construction is expected to commence in July and be finished by December.
The Manus Local Level Government has already demolished a dangerous, collapsed section of the roof in consultation with the Manus Provincial and Technical Services Division.
Built in the late 1970s by the Manus Local Level Government, the Lorengau main market comprises eight interconnected wooden shelters over concrete slabs and market stalls. Some parts of the roof have collapsed, timber shingles are missing and some support posts are rotted and twisted.
“The market is a hive of activity each day but vendors face challenging conditions with the roof no longer waterproof and collapsing in parts,” Ms Stokes said.
“Australia is funding the renovation of the market roof through the additional assistance package for Manus to support economic activity on the island.”
Australia and PNG’s additional assistance to Manus includes initiatives in healthcare, education, roads and activities for youth.
“Australia is providing K1 million in specialist medical equipment and instruments for Lorengau hospital and a master plan to guide future development of the hospital,” Ms Stokes said.
Construction of 13 schools kits under the additional assistance package will be finished in time for the new school year. A further seven kits are expected to be built by the end of March. The Australian-funded kits include a double classroom with a teacher house, ablution block, water tanks and full furniture fit out.
The projects are part of an AU$24 million (K51 million) additional development package that Australia is providing to the Manus Province. This is an addition to Australia’s existing planned support under the Partnership for Development to Manus Province (approximately AU$16 million or K34 million from 2012-15) in health, education, law and order, transport, governance, climate change, and disaster reduction.
Further information on Australia’s engagement with Manus can be found in the Manus Fact Sheets available at

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