Saturday, June 14, 2014

The shame of Port Moresby's buses and taxis

 The buses (PMVs)  and taxis in Port Moresby and getting filthier and stinkier by the day.
Not to mention the thugs who drive the taxis, who could end up robbing you or worse, and the filthy bus stops which abound with petty thieves and drug dealers.
This is in a city which is said to be the "richesr and fastest growing in the Pacific" and will host the Melanesia Festival of Arts and Culture at the end of this month, Pacific Games in 2015, and APEC in 2018.
Last week, I posted on Facebook that Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko  told me towards the end of last year that PMVs and taxis would be spic-and-span in time for the 2015 Pacific Games. 
It's June now and our PMVs are getting filthier and stinkier by the day.
Taktchenko replied:   "Instructions where issued to the transport department last year.
"If I was in control of that department you would see a difference,
" I can't personally do everything myself when relying on people that are not doing there job.
"I will push the issue again with the appropriate authorities.
"Why don't you do some productive reporting and ask the Transport Secretary what he's  doing to clean up the buses and taxis towards the games."

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