Sunday, July 13, 2014

For a cleaner and safer Port Moresby

I received this note and picture from my good mate, Ron Gawi, who concurs with me on a cleaner and safer Port Moresby and PNG for all:

"Good afternoon bro. I continue to support you on your efforts at raising awareness on the state of filthiness of Port Moresby especially 'buai pekpek'. 

"See attached picture of a distasteful indecent graffiti painted across a fence opposite the Weigh Inn Hotel in Konedobu and can be seen going downhill from Burns Peak as you are passing the RPNGC headquarters looking straight ahead to the left and on a corrugated iron fence. 
"This repugnant graffiti has been there for many months and nobody seem to care or have any sense of decency, least of all NCDC to get do something about this disgraceful vandalism seen by the travelling public including overseas visitors.
"As a decent citizen, I will buy a can of grey spray paint this weekend and rid the wall of this embarrassing graffiti. 

"But my concern is who is responsible for this type of corrective actions ?
"Have a good weekend.

"Ron Gawi."


  1. Does "asscan" mean something in Tok Pisin? I wonder: 'ass' could mean 'butt or buttocks' or 'asscan' could mean 'trashcan'. If someone put 'br' in front, it would say 'brasscan', and then add 'dle' to the end and you have 'brasscandle', which is could be like a puja souvenir from India (a spiritual meaning).

  2. Oops! It's 'k', not 'c'. Mmm... 'brasskandle' or 'brasskandl' is still phonetically okay.

  3. What does the graffiti translate into English?

    To the English eye, it could mean anything. either good or bad.