Friday, September 26, 2014

Boana - the pride of Morobe

By Sanang Zazoring in Boana

 YOU ARE IN the land of Tikingic (mountain man) – the missionary Gustove Bergman, who was named so in Kâte language of Finschhafen and who was the first Lutheran missionary from Neuendettelsau, Germany who evangelised the people. 
Boana tree dance
Boana is in the Navaeb electorate of Morobe Province.
To be in Boana, is to be in the hub of Morobe, seeing and experiencing the scenery, flora and fauna you have never faced before. 
This all is proving that Boana is worth being considered as the pride and identity of Morobe as it is nicely located in a pothole, surrounded by mountains, looking towards the beginning of endless Finisterre Ranges in northern direction. 
The sun is very bright after a bid of shower and foggy previous days – Lutheran women are at their national conference doing their usual business.
The quiet Boana station became alive when women from all over Papua New Guinea invaded the place for their biannual conference being held here from September 22-28, 
So, this is Boana!
Chanting, “WE-E, WE-E, WE-E!!,” as a greeting to welcome you to Boana made my heart sank to its place.
 The next day people confronted us with the words, “SARA – SARA,” meaning, good morning – making me acquainted to the nature and of this amazingly friendly people.
The place became over crowded by foreigners (local tourists as some people put it) who appeared in their thousands. 
The whole Papua New Guinea is present at this extraordinary place which is looking like a bric-à-brac-interior as the women appear in their uniforms leaving you in a loss of words situation.
 So what? 
Boana is the pride of Morobe!!

Boana’s historical moment has come
The coming of Papua New Guinea Prime Minister becomes a historical moment for Boana people. As one announced, “We have seen our past prime ministers through TV and newspapers omly – but today, the day has come when Boana people will see with their own eyes when their Prime Minister arives on their land for the first time ever.” 
The descending of Prime Minster Hon. Peter O’Neill in a chopper raised people in commotion, applauding and pouncing the air.
The “Kumul Bilong Morobe” you find in Boana! 
The tree dance which I call ‘Kumul Dance’ with its 25-steps ladder elevated to the sky on which men dance and performe the skills of a bird of paradise up and down at the sound of kundu drums on the ground floor to welcome the prime minister.  
Someone in the crowd commented, “It is a victory and celebration dance, an amazing nail biting stuff, playing with the height! 
Expect the unexpected! (see a short video on at
The place was painted by the influx of people both conference guests and locals who made their presence felt in various glimpses of activity, for some, it was an opportunity to roaming around, spending time and enjoying the day…
The Boana station is con-joined with government and church district centers including the Lutheran church headquarter, a police station, a hospital, a primary school and other facilities providing adequate infrastructure for the event. 
The road linkage has finally been rearranged allowing even bus services to travel forth and back, making business activities convenient for general Boana people. 
Thanks to the Morobe government!
The streets of Boana station were painted in Morobe’s traditional colors blue, green and yellow depicting Morobe’s rainforest, sea and sun, I guess. 
Streets were being named after Nawaeb electorate’s prominent figures and heroes such as Pasom, Manek, Gustove, Yamandi and others making them the monumental icon of Boana to be remembered for the generation to come. 
They have done Boana proud – congratulations!
You want to see and experience Boana? 
We-e, we-e, we-e!! 
Your direction to Boana: 
Driving from Lae you pass by Nadzab Airport and travel north. After 4 to 5 kilometers you leave the Highway and turn right to take the road which leads to Boana. 
There you are in Boana – pride of Morobe. 
See you there!

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