Monday, September 29, 2014

Launch of the National TB Awareness Campaign

Prime Minister O'Neill will launch a National Awareness Campaign tomorrow as part of the ongoing fight against tuberculosis. 

The campaign targets specific locations around the nation including National Capital District, Gulf and Western provinces.

“The awareness campaign will run alongside current activities to confront TB,” a spokesman for O’Neill said today.

“ This will remind people of essential information relating to TB that is often overlooked and can lead to critical situations for those who contract the disease, as well as expand potential for further transmission.  

“The key messages are that people need to be aware of the symptoms and seek medical help, that there is a cure and it is free, and that people who contract TB must complete their treatment.

“Posters are being placed around the nation, there will be newspaper, leaflet, and SMS information, and we have already released some early television and radio commercials to enhance awareness sooner rather than later.”

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