Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Polye joins Opposition

 Kandep MP and Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) Party leader Don Polye on Sunday confirmed that his is now in the Oppsition ranks.
He confirmed this to reporters at a press conference he held on Sunday but declined to comment on whether on he wanted to take up the position of Opposition Leader.

“That’s not an issue,” he said of the Opposition Leader’s position.
“Why are people making this as an issue?
“The issue is economic management and the conduct of the Prime Minister.”
He maintained that THE Party was intact despite several of its MPs, including Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion, leaving en masse for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s ruling People’s National Congress.
“Look at the Organic Law on Intergrity of Political Parties and Candidates (OLIPPAC),” Polye said.
“It says that the party constitution regulates MPs and other members.
“The constitution says that if you want to resign from THE Party and join another party, you have to give your reasons to THE Party council.
“THE Party council determines that and says, ‘OK, we’re releasing you, you can join another party’.
“In this case, none of these people (who joined PNC), have written any letter.
“I only find out in the newspapers that m MPs have joined the PNC Party.
“These MPs are technically and legally still members of THE Party.”

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