Monday, October 27, 2014

Lae Main Market - all the food that's good to eat

I was back home in Lae last Monday, October 22,  and took the opportunity to wander through the Lae Main Market, arguably the best in Papua New Guinea, which has fresh food from all over the country.
The market has been part of my life since I was a child,
The facilities, however, need to be improved and there were so many people selling their food out in the mud and rain.
The Lae City Council, which is tasked to look after the market, must make it a priority to upgrade all facilities at the market.
The Lae Main Market has the potential to become a leading tourist attraction in the country, just like markets in countries like, for instance, Taiwan, if we can only be a bit more creative and innovative.
Otherwise, Lae Main Market has the bestest, and the freshest, food of all markets in PNG.

All pictures@MALUM NALU

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  1. Great pictures Malum. It is the best market in PNG!