Friday, October 10, 2014

Taiwan has new representative in PNG

 Taiwan Trade Mission to Papua New Guinea has a new representative.

He is Herman Chiu (pictured) , a veteran diplomat who has served in many countries, including neighbouring Solomon Islands.

Chiu takes over from former representative, Daniel Hu, who left PNG last month after being here for the last four years.

He had his first major engagement yesterday at a reception marking Taiwan's 103rd National Day which was attended by a large number of people at Dynasty Restaurant at Vision City.

"Taiwan and PNG are economically complementary to each other," Chiu said in an interview.

"Evidence of this is the 20-year LNG purchase contract.

"Taiwan is going through a broader phase of development, called the 'Taiwan Experience', which we would like to share.

"We believe there are a lot of common interests we can realise together."

Chiu has served is a diplomat in the Kingdom of Swaziland, Republic of Malawi, Solomon Islands, Thailand, South Africa, and Gambia in West Africa.

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