Monday, November 10, 2014

Dion calls for open communication among MPs

DEPUTY Prime Minister and Minister for Inter Government Relations, Leo Dion, who is responsible for all provincial and local level government affairs maintains that effective and open communication among all national MPs is the cornerstone for stability and good governance at the provincial government level.
Dion made this statement when announcing the successful outcome of a compulsory meeting he facilitated last Thursday  with the Prime Minister and all the three MPs from Oro Province.
"From this meeting we, together with all the Oro MPs agreed and collectively resolved that all issues that resulted in the standoff were a direct result of lack of effective communication and consultation among the leaders on mainly management issues affecting the province. We also resolve to uphold that  Garry Juffa is the mandated Governor of Oro Province and maintains his role as chairman of provincial executive council and the provincial assembly as mandated by the people," he said.
Dion said all the MPs and LLG presidents would support Juffa's leadership role as Governor.
"Collectively, we also resolve to refrain and withdraw forthwith any actions that will jeopardise the development prospect and progress of the province. As Minister responsible, I am very pleased with the level of maturity demonstrated by our Oro MPs in their resolution to put their differences aside and work together for the common good of our people," Dion said.
He said the meeting was very important and indeed the outcome was "a testament to what we can do as leaders if we can come together and discuss issues openly with a greater sense of objectivity".
"I thank the Governor for Oro, Garry Juffa; Member for Sohe anf Minister for Community Development, Delilah Gore and Member for Ijivitari,  David Arore for their humbleness in coming together for the compulsory meeting.  I also thank the people of Oro for their patience and refrain during this period of the standoff," he said.
Dion also acknowledged and thanked the Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill for his leadership in fostering a dialogue for the compulsory meeting to take place.

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