Monday, December 08, 2014

O’Neill disappointed over weekend disturbances by reckless few – warns looters

Office of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has been briefed on disruption that occurred between police and soldiers on the weekend, expressing his extreme disappointment at the actions of a few reckless people.
He has also called on all citizens to obey the law and respect property.
O’Neill further expressed his appreciation for the efforts of police and defence officials to calm tempers and initiate a swift response to investigate the cause of the altercation.
“The internal investigations between the discipline forces is underway and will get to the bottom of this issue including the cause and the response,” O’Neill said.
“The actions of these groups of people are unacceptable, and those who have committed acts that are against the law will be charged and brought before criminal courts.
“The nation expects much more from our disciplined personnel to not adopt a mob mentality in which tempers can get out of hand.”
The Prime Minister has further warned any person using the disturbance as an opportunity to loot that they will be dealt with through the full extent of the law.
“All members of the public should respect other people's private property and not use this as an excuse to loot shops,”  O’Neill said.
“Additional police are being deployed on the streets to maintain order and ensure the overwhelming majority of law-abiding citizens can go about their business without concern.
“With the positive change and growth that is taking place in Papua New Guinea, it is confronting and disappointing to see this unruly behavior.”

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