Saturday, January 17, 2015

Harvesting the fruits of your labour


A young man who makes his living by selling pineapples in Port Moresby has called on young people like him to earn money from an honest day’s work, and not from crime.
Osley Kila, 22, of mixed Central and Gulf parentage, said this while selling the fruits of his labour outside the Big Rooster shop outside Waigani on Wednesday.
Pineapple grower Osely Kila (centre) with his business partners Zachariah Peter and David Tom selling their fruits .-Picture by MALUM NALU

“I live at Laloki where I grow pineapples, and when they are ready, I harvest them and bring to the city to sell,” he said.
“I neither go to school nor work, and survive by my small-scale farming,
“This is my only means of earning money and making a living.”

Kila said he mainly sold his pineapples outside Vision City, Waigani, Boroko, and in Downtown.
‘On good days I make good sales, and other times, no,” he said.

“I make K150-K200 on good days, and on slow days, I only make up to K100.
“I urge other young people like me not to get into trouble, grow and sell fruits and vegetables like me, do something worthwhile to earn a living.

“Stealing is not a good thing.”

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