Monday, May 11, 2015

PM O’Neill launches Divine Word University online programmes

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has launched the Divine Word University's online programmes as well as officially opening a new academic building and the Alessandro Clinic at the Madang campus on Saturday.
The Prime Minister congratulated DWU for its online programme initiative, which he said would contribute and further enhance the delivery of education in Papua New Guinea.
"Education must be at the forefront of embracing technology and this is what Diving Word University is doing.
"Online programs will open up new opportunities for more students to study.
"Through education we can change the country and Divine Word is leading the charge."
In his address to students, faculty and people from Madang, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of education as a top priority for the government since coming to office.
"Each year our government spends more than 3 billion Kina on education alone.
"This is the most substantial investment in education in our history.
"Free education is not a new concept, it has been there since independence but no government has made a serious attempt in delivering the program for our children.
"It is the right for every child in this country to be educated and the only way is to make means available."
"If school fee is a problem then the government must take the problem away so we can get children into school."
The Prime Minister further highlighted the introduction of the 'tuition loan program' for students at tertiary institutions that comes into effect in 2016 academic year.
"Already K200 million has been made available for the tuition loan program to ease the burden of many parents who have difficulties in sending their children to university.
"Similar programs are well established in Australia and many developed nations and have proven to be a success."
"This programme provides the opportunity to ensure you have funding and access to better education opportunities."
The programme works by students taking a loan to complete their tertiary education, then over their working life repay the loan gradually without interest.
PM O'Neill reiterated that education is the key in building human resources in Papua New Guinea and a way forward for the country to achieve its millennium goals.
Accompanied by the Minister for Finance, James Marape and the Minister for Higher Education, Malakai Tarbar, the Prime Minister opened the new academic building, Alessandro Clinic and new staff houses at the campus.

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