Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Kumul Flyover opens

Papua New Guinea has opened the latest part of significant national infrastructure with the formal opening of the "Kumul Flyover" in Port Moresby on Sunday, May 31.
In opening the flyover, the Prime Minister,  Peter O'Neill, congratulated all who had contributed to the project, and sent a message to those who are stuck in the past to embrace modern Papua New Guinea.
"This significant infrastructure project that has been delivered on budget and on time," O'Neill said.
"As the government opens this flyover, we are delivering infrastructure in many other parts of the country.  We are spending record amounts of money to build infrastructure right across that country.
"This includes Lae – that was once the pothole capital of the world.  We have built concrete roads and Lae is becoming the concrete capital with strong roads that will last for decades."
The Prime Minister said investments in infrastructure, education and Health are changing the lives of communities and people throughout the country.
"Today we are here to say we on a new path for Papua New Guinea that will see Papua New Guinea taking its place not only in the region and in the Pacific but within the global community.
"This flyover infrastructure is part of ongoing progress.
"We are very proud to be here today, joining our Governor, our Ministers, our Hawkins Group partners and all the sub-contractors and the workers who built this.
"There were many critics, who continue to refused to believe that Papua New Guinea is changing.  Even when they see infrastructure all around the country, more employment and large project, these people choose to criticise.
"But we are a patient people.  We will keep building infrastructure and advancing the nation."
The Prime Minister said in a few weeks Papua New Guinea will be hosting the Pacific Games and that is the time to showcase the best of the country.
"I thank the Governor and his team for geting this city ready for the games.
"When people travel over this flyover for the Games and the Pacific Islands Forum they will see how this country is changing."
Finally the Prime Minister announced the name of the flyover was being changed from the working name that has been used.
O'Neill also renamed the Kookaburra Flyover as the Kumul Flyover to reflect the country as truly Papua New Guinean.
"I think that it is important that we name this flyover with a name that is reflective our country.  Today we will name this the Kumul Flyover.
"As part of this, all the way from Port Moresby City to Nine Mile will be named the Kumul Highway."
There to witness the occasion were thousands of members of the public, as well as National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, Member for Moresby North-East Labi Amaiu, Minister for Sports and Pacific Games Justine Tkatchenko, Minister for Public Service Sir Puka Temu and  Minister for Communications Hon Jimmy Miringtoro.                 

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