Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Port Moresby chamber commends Police Commissioner

Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry  has commended incoming Commissioner of Police Baki for his comprehensive and detailed  statement  on how he wishes to bring over-arching  change , discipline and accountability  to the force .
"He will clearly need the full support of rank and file , government and the business community – and he will certainly get the latter ," said POMCCI chief executive officer David Conn.
"We  have to say that we felt a door had opened for radical change of the hierarchy of our police force , but the government in its wisdom has decided not to take this course , and we naturally respect this .
"Any Commissioner needs a reasonable term of office to implement the modernisation programme  that the RPNGC clearly needs and the government should consider giving him a team of , experienced , professional police officers to implement such reform .
"The Commissioner's comments on uniforms are welcome and long overdue , but we still strongly believe  all officers should carry name badges  on uniforms and be clearly identifiable . If this had been done , we might not have the situation at Hanuabada where it has been apparently impossible to identify officers concerned,  in broad daylight .
"While we understand  the added security around the 2015 Games , it is apparent that road blocks  have gotten out of control and are too often an opportunity for malfeisance and standover tactics by rogue officers  seeking illegal and outrageous  on-the -spot fines , which have no basis in law.
"Properly established  and clearly identifiable roadblocks should only be allowed with specific  approval , and under the supervision , of a senior officer .
"It is a sad reality  that many of our city residents are more intimidated by  the very police officers who have sworn an oath to protect them ,  than  the criminals.
"Women , especially at night , are facing regular intimidation , and threat of arbitrary fines or imprisonment  by  police officers .
"The Chamber has issued an invitation to Commissioner Baki to address the business community in the city  at one of its regular breakfasts and sincerely hopes he will take us up on this and consider a proposal we have put to him  to form a consultative committee , along the lines of the Law and Order Committees all major centres in PNG used to have ."

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