Friday, July 03, 2015

PM O’Neill switches on additional 25MW electricity for Port Moresby

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill launched a 25 megawatts power supply from the ExxonMobilLNG Plant to Port Moresby yesterday.
In his address celebrate the switching on of power, he said the additional 25 megawatts of electricity would meet demand in Port Moresby with an increased 50 megawatts capacity to be added later this year.
O'Neill thanked everyone involved in the project that was delivered in five months after the signing of an MOU with ExxonMobil PNG in January 2015.
He also thanked the provinces and governors' who supported the Government in delivering this project.
O'Neill said Papua New Guinea was a nation that was changing very fast.
"As quality of life improves, the demand for a reliable supply of reliable power is one of those first priorities of a growing economy and a growing middle class," he said.
"Also in many of our remote villages throughout the country, and in rural communities, more people have access to modern technology like computers and smart phones and they also need reliable power supplies.
"In one generation we have moved from a traditional culture to become a modern economy.  Our nation is now an energy exporter, we are active in global financial markets, and our agricultural products are exported around the world.
"Around our country businesses continue to expand and require greater access to electricity, from the smallest business to major international corporations.
"I thank ExxonMobil PNG for the leadership and support provided in resolving one of the most important challenges that Papua New Guinea faces as we seek to increase the reliability of supply of electricity.
O'Neill said the completion of the power project was a result of a partnership between all stakeholders, Government, ExxonMobil PNG, Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC), PNG National Petroleum Company (PNPC) and PNG Power Ltd.
"This truly has been a magnificent partnership, that we have displayed in making sure that we work with all stakeholders in ensuring that we have these project delivered on time," he said.

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